So why forest gardening?

Within forest gardening, the majority of crops are perennials so you only plant them once but you harvest for years.

With an established root system, perennial plants are less stressed by climate variations.

There is a much wider diversity of plants grown than can be found on the supermarket shelf.

You can grow for taste whereas your supermarket grows for shelf life.

You eat with the seasons so you’re not experiencing the same tastes every week of the year.

With many and varied plants you tend not to get a build up of pests and diseases like you do with a  single species in a mono cropping system.

It encourages biodiversity to flourish.

You steer nature rather than beat it into submission with cultivation and pesticides.

It’s a sustainable production system.

These principles can be applied from the smallest back garden to a site of many hectares.

If you’re growing your own food, this way it’s definitely fresh, seasonal and local.

And it’s FUN!