Seasonal Tip for November – buying your trees

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It’s November and the last of the Indian summer has gone, leaves are falling and with only 6 weeks to the shortest day, its feeling as if winter is here.

For the keen, the tree buying season is well under way and although not available if field grown until the leaves have fallen, it’s worth ordering now, if you’ve not done so already, to avoid disappointment. Availability lists from nurseries start being produced from August for the Autumn, and it is usually the most interesting plants that are in small quantities and quickly sell out.

As a rule, field grown plants are less expensive than pot grown ones, but it is the pot grown option that you will find available in the garden centres in the spring and early summer when many folk get inspired to sort out their gardens. So, at the beginning of the season, there are usually more purchases made on impulse.

The advantage of pot grown plants is that they are able to be planted all year round providing you are prepared to water accordingly.

The bare root field grown plant season usually ends in mid-March as the sap begins to rise. It is best to plant your bare root trees prior to Christmas as many species, despite looking dormant, will produce fine white roots ready for the spring surge. Late plantings of bare root stock, where this root production is lacking, may need watering during their early stages.