Preserving your Forest Garden Harvest – One Day Course

Although there is nothing quite like eating fresh produce from your forest garden, there comes a point when the garden matures and the volume of produce can outgrow your capacity for consumption. Although there is a degree of swaps and sharing to be done, the value of preserving your harvest to spread its consumption throughout the winter months is immeasurable.

This course covers a number of techniques used in food preservation including various methods of drying, fermentation, and preserving in liquid.

It is a practical course so you will be involved in harvesting some of the produce such as:

Dried fruits

Fruit leathers

Kombucha & Sauerkraut

It is a full-on day so be prepared to roll your sleeves up and join in.

Registration: On the day 9.20 am

Course time: From 9.30 am and finishing at 4.30 pm

Refreshments: Bring a packed lunch, drink, and cup with you. A kettle, water plus a selection of herbal teas will be available.

Directions:   Can be sent by email if required, to get you to the Forest Garden. There is also a very useful map on the website.

To book your place please use the contact page or phone Simon Miles on 07964 75 05 65