autumn olive
Autumn Olive

Nursery: Primarily the nursery is a mail-order operation. However, I welcome folks to come and collect their plants as it helps me to get to know my customers and to build a working relationship by discussing ideas and possibilities with and for them. Due to other aspects of the business such as consultancy and deliveries etc., I am not always here, so I ask anyone who wishes to come, to make an appointment first by phone (01326-250090 or 079 64 75 05 65) as even when I am here I am not always available.

The Forest Garden: There are three public tours a year which all are welcome to come on for a £10 fee.

However, if you are considering creating your own Forest Garden, I recommend that you book yourself a private tour which is £10 each for a minimum of six people and a further £10 for each additional person. The tour would be between one and a half to two hours and if this leads to purchases from the nursery within the following three months to a value greater than £160 you will get a free tree to the value of £25.


The Forest Garden itself forms a fundamental part of the related courses which I run so they present another opportunity to see the garden in greater detail and relate the theory to the practical in the way it functions.

The season for tours is from Easter to 30th October.