Recommended reading, containing invaluable information to help understand the true value and benefits of Forest gardening in it’s broadest sense.

The Medicinal Forest Garden Hand Book

Growing, Harvesting and using healing Trees and Shrubs in a temperate climate.

By Anne Stobart

Published by Permanent Publications.

Featuring the Forest Garden at Falmouth on page 4.

A really useful publication on the medicinal side of Forest Gardening featuring a number of plant species and their medicinal properties. Plus some useful information on how to preserve certain herbs for out of season application.

The author has applied her long career in teaching herbal medicine into a useful practical guide on the subject.

Losing Eden

Why our minds need the wild

By Lucy Jones

Published by Allen Lane an imprint of Penguin Books.

A considered way forward in helping our mental health in these testing times making antidepressant tablets a questionable solution to our mental well being. Engaging information about the aerosols released from the earth after rainfall, leaving me thinking perhaps there is more to Kenneth Williams words than we thought when he delivered the catchphrase: “The answer lies in the soil”.

Lucy Jones talks of solutions to challenges on her own personal life’s journey and how nature played its part in healing her as well as the observations of others studying the impact of nature on the well being of mankind. This is a cutting edge approach and compliments some of the observations and theories that I have considered here at the Forest Garden, plus references to a wealth of well researched and documented material.