Course Overview

Designing an Edible Forest Garden

This is a two-day course designed to help people gain an insight into designing and constructing their own Forest Garden.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Definition of a Forest Garden
  • First principles
  • 7 layered system
  • Points for consideration: Land-soil-aspect-Topography-water-previous activities on that site.
  • Your needs verses site resources
  • Access: Footpaths-machinery.
  • Boundaries: Legal & physical.
  • Water: Access for watering-water table-surface water run off-flooding-contamination & ponds.
  • Soil: Types-ph-compaction-contamination-machinery & aeration
  • Plants: Selecting the right plant for the right place-considering what you want and what your site will permit. The 7 layers. Windbreaks- hedging & screening.
  • Planning: Transforming what you have to what you want: points to consider.
  • Design of permanent features: Main structural trees-water features-shelter-buildings-fences-hedges-paths.
  • Weather: Consideration.
  • Pollination: Bees & other beneficial insects.
  • Practical application
  • Planting: Techniques & timing.
  • Mulching: Techniques- uses- types & frequencies.
  • Grass management: Equipment & frequencies.
  • Natural plant growth promoters: including- mycorrhizal fungi-biochar & compost tea.
  • Compost: Types and uses.

Booking Information

Fill in the Forest Garden Course Booking Form and either email it to or print it and return it to the address included on the form along with your payment information.

How to find The Forest Garden

You can use the address at the bottom of the site to find us via GPS device. You can also view our location on Google Maps here.