Design and Construction of a Forest Garden 2 Days

Course Fee: £130.00

Course Overview

Create an Edible Forest Garden

Course Syllabus

This is a two-day course designed to help people gain an insight into designing and constructing their own Forest Garden.

  • Introduction
  • Definition of a Forest Garden
  • First principles
  • 7 layered system
  • Points for consideration: Land-soil-aspect-Topography-water-previous activities on that site.
  • Your needs verses site resources
  • Access: Footpaths-machinery.
  • Boundaries: Legal & physical.
  • Water: Access for watering-water table-surface water run off-flooding-contamination & ponds.
  • Soil: Types-ph-compaction-contamination-machinery & aeration
  • Plants: Selecting the right plant for the right place-considering what you want and what your site will permit. The 7 layers. Windbreaks- hedging & screening.
  • Planning: Transforming what you have to what you want: points to consider.
  • Design of permanent features: Main structural trees-water features-shelter-buildings-fences-hedges-paths.
  • Weather: Consideration.
  • Pollination: Bees & other beneficial insects.
  • Practical application
  • Planting: Techniques & timing.
  • Mulching: Techniques- uses- types & frequencies.
  • Grass management: Equipment & frequencies.
  • Natural plant growth promoters: including- mycorrhizal fungi-biochar & compost tea.
  • Compost: Types and uses.