Simon Miles

This business has been developed by Simon Miles NCH RHS MH who has over 30 years experience in horticulture. For 14 of those years, he ran his local district council’s parks department. His experience was developed as a landscaper and arboreal contractor, and consultant. Simon has also gained a diploma and practiced herbal medicine part time since 1993.

The 3.28-acre forest garden near Falmouth, Cornwall has been designed to pull together and implement well-known agroforestry techniques and to trial and pioneer other methods of growing to help determine their best practical application, so as to efficiently produce tasty food, medicinal plants, and other useful plants.

The business is designed to help those who are interested in these unique growing techniques, whether it be simply to gain a better understanding of the subject or to build their own garden.  These desires are encouraged by Simon offering various services

  • Garden tours: at the forest garden to help those interested to grasp the concept.
  • Workshops/study days: at the forest garden to help those interested to improve their knowledge into the background and practical application.
  • Consultancy: to help those interested to develop their own Forest Garden.
  • Lectures: Simon would be pleased to attend meetings of organisations such as garden clubs to enable their members to understand more on the subject.
  • Supplying plants: For those who are looking for forest garden plants, we operate our own nursery facility.
  • Landscaping: Simon could create a forest garden for those whose interest becomes a personal ambition.

All off-site activities are generally restricted to the South-West of England.  However, occasionally he would travel further afield.