Carillion-igloo Housing Project
June 2016

We’re delighted to be working with the team at Carillion-igloo, providing advise concerning their edible landscape theme as they are bringing forward the Government’s first custom build housing pilot scheme at Heartlands in Pool.

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Wendy Stayte visits The Forest Garden, Falmouth
Plants For A Future – November 2014

One of the ‘Plants For A Future’ (pfaf) data-base users, who also features as a Supplier on our web-site, is Simon Miles of The Forest Garden.

His is an interesting story of how he came to passionately embrace the woodland edible growing movement, and how he is spreading the word to others.

A few years ago he set up a forest garden on a field not far from Falmouth, within a mile of the coast.  En route to this venture, he has been both a local authority parks officer and a medical herbalist.

Now his aims include careful observation and research into growing conditions of the plants in this forest garden, telling as many people as he can about what he discovers, propagating and selling plants by mail order and taking what opportunities present themselves to demonstrate a different way, a woodland way, of growing food.

One of these opportunities is collaboration with a housing developer who plans to make an edible landscape a central feature of their new development, which all the house purchasers will take in as part of the deal when they buy their house.

Another is advising on mixed edible foraging hedges and Forest Gardens.

So the word is getting out from that part of Cornwall, not a million miles away from where the Ferns still continue to care for their Field near Lerryn, from which Plants for a Future originated.

I visited The Forest Garden in November, and had some tasty surprises even at that time of year. Leaves of Toona sinensis tasted a bit like Marmite, large berries on a big-berried hawthorn were still flavoursome though just starting to ferment.  A beehive had been carefully placed in an auspicious spot at one side of the forest garden. The grass-cutting geese were not around that day, but are usually part of the cycle of life there.

Visit his web-site to see how you can also be inspired by this grower and what he is doing there.
Wendy Stayte
pfaf Trustee.
Plants For A Future

garden of the month cornwall today september 2014Garden of the Month
Cornwall Today – September 2014

Simon Miles talks about creating a garden for the future in peaceful countryside near Falmouth.

Click the image for a larger view or view the high resolution pdf:

Garden of the Month – Cornwall Today September 2014


fruits of the forest cornwall today november 2011Fruits of the Forest
Cornwall Today – November 2011

Trees, herbs and geese all have a part to play in an edible garden taking root near Falmouth.

Click the image for a larger view or view the high resolution pdf:

Fruits of the Forest – Cornwall Today November 2011