Top fruit trees grown and sold in Cornwall.

The primary fruit trees for Cornwall are Cornish Apple trees, Asian pear trees, Medlar trees and some varieties of PlumMirabelle and Mulberry trees. Most are known as top fruit as opposed to soft fruit which refers to currents and berries.

Cornish apple trees:

Apple trees are the most popular top fruit tree for Cornwall as they are well suited to Cornish Orchards. We grow a number of Cornish apple trees to sell along with a variety of national apple trees which are sustainable in Cornwall. Although some of the national apple trees do prefer the dryer climate in the south east of the UK.

It’s thought that some Cornish fruit trees exist as a result of export trading from ships in previous centuries. These Cornish fruit trees include the Kea Plum (found on the banks of the Truro river) and the Manaccan Primrose apple (found adjacent to the Helford river). 

Other Cornish apples might be variants from established Cornish apple trees. One of the most popular Cornish apple varieties to be found in Cornish Orchards is the Bens Red which is from a chance seedling in Penzance.

Cornish pear trees:

Pear trees grown in Cornwall such as ‘Louise Bonne of Jersey’ and ‘Beurre Hardy’ need lots of sunlight to ripen. The best location for these Cornish pear trees is near a south facing wall to reflect the heat, under a veranda or in a poly tunnel or glass house. Peaches, Nectarines and Apricots need similar conditions in order to grow.

With regard to Plum trees, as well as the Cornish varieties such as the most sought after Kea Plum and Manaccan Plum, there are a few non Cornish varieties including the Victoria Plum and River’s Early Prolific which are very productive and can be found in Cornish Orchards.